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Welcome to Our website. It is more of a photo album than a website. Hope you enjoy all the wonderful photos.


Hi There
   This is Abigail and her soul mate Emily. Aren't they gorgeous! Abigail is an English Bull & Pug mix. Emily is 100% Boston Terrier.
  They were quite young when this photo was taken. Ab was born June 13th 1999, and now weighs somewhere between 35 and 40 pounds. Em was born November 16th 1999, and now weighs between 16 and 17 pounds.
They almost became separated in late 2003. My ex- wife and I went our separate ways in November of 2003, but we couldn't bear to split Abigail & Emily .  So, we decided to split custody of them. Karen gets them one week and I get them the next.
They really reap the benifits because they now have two homes about an hour apart. They love the ride on "Swap Day" or "Transfer Day" as we call it.
I really spoil them rotten and I know Karen does too! What can I say? We didn't have kids and these are our kids!
   They are all grown up in the picture below, and posing on mommy's bed. Hope you enjoy all the wonderful pictures.



Abigail poses as the protector of the bunch. That was actually Edna's job, she was silent, but serious. More about Edna under " Back to AB & EM".


Emily is resting up after one of her busy days. She likes to stretch out on this pad beside Karen in the computer room.


  This is one of my favorite pics of them. We support our US Military. Notice how flabby Abigail's jaws are when she is relaxed.
  Then notice how tight her face looks in the pic below. Almost looks like she has a face lift. She is a dog of a thousand faces. Everything seems to tighten up when she gets frisky.



This is Emily telling me to get off the computer. "It is time for our walk and we demand your attention." She will sit like this with that irresistible stare, and also reach out and paw me persistently until I give in.


Emily talking: "If you ever see my bottom teeth, it means I am extremely happy. Usually happens when I get a massage. But it also happens when Daddy gives me some sugar."


Found some puppy pics. The next several pics were taken in January 2000 and possibly February. The pic above and below...Emily was 8 weeks old. Can you tell we had high hopes for her?




Found an early picture of Abigail. She was roughly four to five months old in this shot. She even looked a little skinny didn't she? I had no idea she would turn out to be so pretty. I'm not sure but could have been taken before Emily was born?



Pics above and below taken around Jan. 2000. Emily around 8 weeks and Abigail around 7 months old.


Emily's Glamor shot!!!


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