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   Abigail and Emily had an adopted sister on the right. Her name was Edna. She passed over the Doggie Rainbow, February 5th 2003.
   Edna was able to spend the last two years of her life with us. I adopted her and another Boston Terrier from the pound in November of 2000.
   Someone had used them as a "Puppy Factory" and discarded them at the pound. Just left them on the doorstep of the pound in the middle of the night.
   The other Boston was in really bad shape. I named her Hope, because we hoped she would live.  She had heartworms, tumors, kidney problems, digestive problems, etc. I spent a small fortune on Hope, but she passed away with renal failure within 3 months.
   Edna on the other hand, did really well. She didn't have heart worms, but she did have some mammary tumors.  We had her spayed , including a mastectomy, and tummy tuck. She looked five years younger after healing up from her little operation.
  Edna was the Alpha dog, and Abigail & Emily were young enough to let her be the boss. They all got along well, and I'm sure they learned a lot from each other.
    I don't have any idea how old Edna was, can only guess she was older than 10.
  I was really crushed when she passed away. She was my shadow around the house. It was only after she passed that I realized how much time I spent with her.  I had spent a lot of time trying to make up for the miserable life she must have lived. Guess Abigail & Emily were a little neglected when it came to my attention while Edna was around. So, I'm pouring all of my Love for Edna into Abigail & Emily now.  They have no idea what a rough life is, and I hope they never find out.


   The next three pictures are just a little Joke I titled "Osama Been Fartin".
   Bostons, and Bulldogs are famous for their power to break wind, plus the news was always mentioning Osama after the     9-11 tragedy.
  I threw a black scarf over their head to give then that Middle East look, and just made a little joke out of it.








Emily has a hang over in the photo below. Just kidding, she had an allergic reaction to her yearly shots, and broke out in bumps all over her body.  She was pitiful looking for about a day.


Emily with her Mom



This is where Emily likes to be when we're on the computer.



This is Miss Edna in her prime.



The two pictures below are Edna with the two baby squirrels we raised back in the fall of 2002. One of them is now the proud mother/step mother of the seven squirrels on Baldy's page.



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